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12/04/20 : Adopted4Change

🌺🎁 TODAY, December 4th, in the year of 1981, this picture shows the face of a little girl in this little red jumper saying goodbye not just to her homeland but her family, but birth mother, and all she knew of home of Costa Rica. And all while not knowing if she would ever return home this little girl would be adopted by a good family and brought into a strange land called, America.

This little girl would be me. I was happy a happy girl because I finally had a new family. Orphaned after rescued from the abandonment of my birth mother, high on top on a mountain top. I was gratefully given the experience of my first Christmas, and a day of great change which I had no idea would change my life forever!

Only three, and an orphan. Christmas didn’t just mean presents to me anymore, but again, a family of my own! In this picture I see something different now. I see that in having a new family who could love me, and having a family who could no longer be my family, was all really purposeful. I know this because I felt this was true each time the joy and sorrow came. I now thank God for the Sorrow and the Joy because in each day of my life I now can know and see for myself that I got the opportunity what it was like to have nothing, and the powerful blessing it was to then have everything!!! That is the ultimate gift, I’d dare to say. Being given the gift of known, after the unknown. And most miraculous, knowing it was God whom brought to go through them to get to him.

So, when I think of today, CHRISTmas , I do think of Family, but I also think of a great God who loves each of us! And who is truly a God of Miracles!

Whether big or small, easy or hard, together or broken, it still means so much to me to have a family, here in America and in my homeland far away, because I know now also both can always remain in my heart! STILL a precious gift!

Merry Christmas soon, Everyone! And, may we each hug our families tighter and keep in our heart our families that sometimes we can only hold within our hearts.

God bless!

Pura Vida! 🎁 a.k.

Photos, Text, posts used with only the permission of, Ana Katia (Reyes)


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From Costa Rica, raised in Utah and adopted to an American Family. This was my first entrance into the world to see what relationships were really like. At a very young age, adopted, I would soon learn and understand what all of this really meant. Through many of life's lessons experiencing adoption, abandonment, divorce and many hardships. And while learning about marriage, family and relationships within the walls of my University. I, over many years, was taught what relationships were really like. This overall has fueled my passion to provide services, share my own personal journey with our community, and relay how valuable these all are in the course of humanity! With this purpose, my passion lends now a specific vision of faith, a belief and desire to instill hope in the world and to provide a message of change. I invite you to come and join me on my journey! COME and SEE!

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