BLOG, “Fourteen Days”

7/27/20: Unleashed

To be honest with you, and myself, I have been telling my story for years on a one-on-one personal basis with others, hidden and private. What I’d learn next…

I don’t know what will manifest, or in what way you will know that your story needs to be shared, but I know my push, my movement to share my story came from my center–inspiration and faith, dare to say “my knowing”, or whatever you want to call it. For me, I call it persnnal revelation, the power from God.

So, whatever or wherever it comes from you, listen up and know, YOU ARE just as important as the next person. Or, the largest speaking platform out there, in this big world of ours. YOU, yes you, you are unique and have something to give.and receive. Because there is No-one is like you. Because God only created one of you. So what you have to say? What does God lead you to share? And if your sharing only remains between you and God, that’s okay also. He listens to you. Even if that unique voice of yours stays just with one, even under the sheets of your bed while you cry , or hidden in your closet while you call out– know, it still matters! Either way you’ll know what to do in time.

Being honest with all of you, for one who has traveled this very path of fearing to share my story, I did learn the hard way, I had waited too long. I had to learn the hard way my fears were just lies to myself. And that was my learning, and that’s okay. What will be your learning?

Today, I am just happy for me I have learned and know now faith is stronger than fear. And now, with 20 years of keeping my story one-on-one, I bring it to all of you. For our community, and for others to see and understand we all HAVE A VOICE! AND IT TO MATTERS! 🙂 #inkindness #inrespect #inequality

…PLEASE, DON’T wait like I Did!

Know that in you, and in everyone there is a STORY

ONE which is unique, powerful, and meaningful!!!

ShareYourstory #DontBeAfraid #YouCanDoIt #BeYou !

Pura Vida 🤲

Created in 2019. All BLOG posts, pics, writing used and shared only with permission by Ana Katia




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From Costa Rica, raised in Utah and adopted to an American Family. This was my first entrance into the world to see what relationships were really like. At a very young age, adopted, I would soon learn and understand what all of this really meant. Through many of life's lessons experiencing adoption, abandonment, divorce and many hardships. And while learning about marriage, family and relationships within the walls of my University. I, over many years, was taught what relationships were really like. This overall has fueled my passion to provide services, share my own personal journey with our community, and relay how valuable these all are in the course of humanity! With this purpose, my passion lends now a specific vision of faith, a belief and desire to instill hope in the world and to provide a message of change. I invite you to come and join me on my journey! COME and SEE!

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