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As a devoted mother and Advocate, Ana Katia is additionally an inspirational motivational speaker, writer, and author of her book, Fourteen Days, and her message of Creating Change From Within.

A believer in miracles, Ana has focused her studies on marriage, family, and relationships with an emphasis on Social Work. As a current life speaker, life coach, and advocate Ana continues to promote personal growth, the building of resilience- especially in the hard times, maintaining healing, and accepting ongoing change.

Ana’s passion and love of becoming a known Author and Speaker have grown as she has continued over the years to share her own personal Adoption Story of going back to her homeland of Costa Rica 18 years later, and in only Fourteen Days, finding her birth mother with only her name. With all of Ana’s life’s challenges and she will to learn how to have immense faith in the face of opposition. Ana hopes to inspire others to believe in themselves, increase inner faith, build resilience, and ultimately motivate them to choose to Create Change From Within.

In her free time, Ana additionally can be known to be seen popping up on your t.v. screen or elsewhere at any time! With her love to continue building, and creating new friendships, all while finding new connections and interests within her community, Ana is often found in well-known local Films, T.V., and print media outlets as an Actress, Model, and ongoing Advocacy influencer. Always and forever, her greatest joy and most rewarding accomplishments will continue being a mother to her two sons and working with others.

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“There is nothing two people can’t do when one of them is God.”

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