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๐ŸŒบ AUTHOR.SPEAKER.ADVOCATE. On TALK RADIO, VoiceAmerica.com, Worldwide ~! NOW PLAYING ON ALL MAJOR AFFILIATED STATIONS: Spotify. Apple Music. Pandora. etc. What an honor and pleasure to share with audiences from all over the world my Adopted4Change- Message of “Creating Change From Within,” found on a mtn. top at birth, abandoned for months at a time, alone on the dirt amongst the rich rainforest of San Vito, Costa Rica many years ago I was alone. I was hungry and little subdued my tiny soul. Yep, that was the Earth’s welcome for me into this world.

BOOK SUMMARY: On a search to find her birth mother, an adopted Costa Rican young woman returns home 18 years later to discover life she had never imagined, and a place she used to call home… There I found myself standing on the same tiny dirt-covered mountain floor of my old homes’ tin-shack. Finally, I had returned home again! It was there in that place I still can’t put into words. I was there where I knew I had found MIRACLES. And please understand, it was not just miracles, a connection to myself, to my birth mother. Gaining a greater knowledge that not only was I a MIRACLE, but that each of us are MIRACLES ~! This is my truth all along the learning of my own journey. The truth is true, Life can nbe messy-(truth). Life can hurt-(truth). And at times life does feel so unfair-(truth). Seriously, LIFE is (truly) ever-changing. YET, I will tell you this, THIS is exactly what gives me JOY. ~ “This is Joy in the SORROW and SORROW in the JOY. ” a.k. This is now my new-found power, change and my purpose. I truly believe now, If I can come from nothing, and still live. Then, I am a special soul, and I can live again, and again, and again.” a.k. DO MIRACLES CEASE? They do not. DOES LOVE SHOW UP DIFFERENTLY? it sure does! So, today, now I stand with you, with many, each of us day-to-day to share my story of, Change. I only pray and seek this may find you and bring each of you a portion of peace, hope, refuge, or connection of which I had similarly received years ago.

Never Forget ~ WE ARE the change we want to see in the world. We are humanity. On, The Vitality Health Show- Hosts: Stephanie Parrish and Doug Crockett. I invite you to WATCH and LISTEN ~!


๐ŸŒบ God Bless, Pura Vida!

BOOK: (in print)-“Fourteen Days” โœ … A story of miracles~!

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๐ŸŒŠ Come and See! Pura Vida !!!!

8/07/2020: GRATEFULLY, ADOPTED, My Story. My Book …. “Fourteen Days”

๐ŸŒบ “So I say now, “Do miracles cease? They do not. Can love show up differently? Yes, it can. And, do answers come? They will in time.”Donโ€™t you ever doubt, just believe and never give up!” (Ana, 3 yrs old. Arriving in America in 1981).


Ana Katia- Adopted, December 04, 1981

Landing in America !

12/04/20 America: Ana Katia

๐ŸŒบ๐ŸŽ TODAY, in the year 1981 on December 4th, this picture depicts the face of a little girl. A scared little girl dressed in a little red jumper saying her last goodbyes to not only her homeland and extended family. But a confused, and heavy goodbye to an unknown father, and mentally ill biological mother. Her fate would have her next leaving her homeland, Costa Rica, and arriving in a strange land called, America, to then never know if she would return back home again. THIS LITTLE GIRL, THAT’S ME. Next, I would be adopted by an American family, raised in a strange land, and blessed to later call it home.

In 1974, Christmas did fast approach in Provo, Utah and my door of entry to CHANGE would now be accounted for and from this day forward. What is it that I would then choose my story to be? What would I make of my NEW CHANGE?

Christmas came and many gifts sat sparking under the tree. Yet, in time I would lastly learn and ask, ” What were the greatest gifts of life? And how would I know?

This is my Story.


โ€œFor change is inevitable.โ€ โ€“ Ana Katia

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