Landing in America!

12/04/20 America!

🌺🎁 TODAY, December 4th, but in the year of 1981, this picture shows the face of a little girl in this little red jumper, saying goodbye to her not just her homeland but family, mother, and all she knew of Costa Rica. Not knowing if their would ever be a return home. Adopted by a family and brought into a strange land called, America. This would be me, I was happy to no a new family, and my first experience of Christmas, A day of great change.

“Change is inevitable.”

– unknown

Welcome, Pura Vida!

“Creating Change From Within.” Welcome to my FOURTEEN DAYS BLOG1! Here I share inspirational messages about my personal Adoption Story Journey to motivate, educated, and build community connections with each other.-Ana KatiaLDS AUTHOR & INTERNATIONAL SPEAKER “On a search to find her birth mother. A young woman returns home to go in search for herContinue reading “Welcome, Pura Vida!”