My calendar can stay busy at times for a number of media platforms if you can please contact me as far in advance as you can. For the sake of time + scheduling, group sizes online or Stake Level are preferred, but not restrained to that. Speaking is free for Firesides. Travel is only stateside currently. Considerations for travel outside of the country will be considered and TBA. If any travel is needed for any stateside gas, on a case-to-case basis, or out-of-state needs such as gas fees, hotel, or plane tickets. These will be asked to be compensated.

For Firesides, if you could please get your request to have me speak approved by your Stake before an email, it would be so greatly appreciated! All requests will have an initial appointment first to go over any needed information and requests submitted.

Please, put in the subject line ‘Fireside’, ‘Podcast’, and ‘ Interviews’ and be sure to include your City/State/Phone Number/Preferred date in the email.

Due to the high volume of emails every day, please be patient with me and I will try my best to get back to you!

*Author currently resides in UTAH.


Ana Katia is an Author and International speaker sharing her messages of Creating Change From Within. In her book, Fourteen Days, soon to be announced to be available online! Her passion is to help others create resiliency amongst great change. And inspiring others to keep on choosing God in all their lives, especially during uncertain times. In her strong belief in miracles she believes and teaches about having faith, having hope, and that it will bring about great happiness. And that everything is a part of a great plan, which you are a part of, as her mission to share in life.

Her hope is that we all know we are all loved and important. And that we DO have something to give, and receive from one another, while upon this good Earth.

“When there are two people, and one of them is God, nothing is impossible.”

– Ana Katia

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