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DATE: MAY 02, 2023 EVENT: SPRINGVILLE LIBRARY, INVITED GUEST – ANA KATIA (AUTHOR PRESENTATION, Q &A, BOOK AND MEDIA SIGNING) LOCATION: FREE TO THE PUBLIC, SPRINGVILLE, UT, SPRINGVILLE LIBRARY TIME: 6:00-8:00-Author Presentation, Q&A, (Paperback Only-visit my website). *(In the large room, right of the library, right after the front entry double doors). 👇Book Online, TBA, *add your name & info. @my website for later notifications of BOOK RELEASE, Link: (fill out form)-


LDSPMA, AUTHOR BOOK SIGNING & ACTRESS FILM PANELIST! DATE: OCTOBER 21, 2022, MEET THE AUTHOR EVENT: LDSPMA, INVITED GUEST – ANA KATIA LOCATION: PROVO, UT, BYU CONFERENCE CENTER. TIME: 4:10-5:00 -Mass Book and Media Signing-(Rooms 2258–2260) *Purchase your tickets now to be a part of and have your book signed!

~ 2022 ~LDSPMA, Ana Katia, Author of “Fourteen Days” & Actress Film Panelist ~

And will be covering, “Having the Faith to Create a Career in Acting, as well as, representing, AS AN AUTHOR, Ana will be a part of the “MASS BOOK AND MEDIA SIGNING TABLE.” Made available and hosted by the LDSPMA. *Additionally, (only) Adult Singles are invited to to attend a FREE, 5-7pm-Art Museum Event hosted by, Get REAL: Ana Katia- on the board as, “Creative Director.”


A miracle believer, community lover, mother, daughter, sister, and friend, Ana Katia is an Author and International speaker sharing her message of Creating Change From Within ®. In her book, Fourteen Days, available currently in print and online soon. Ana Katia tells of her miraculous journey back to her country of Costa Rica, her past unravels, as she discovers a world she had never imagined and a place she used to call home! From her love of her University Studies in the study of, Family Studies-Emphaiss-Social Work, Certified in Marriage, Family and Relationships, as well as, communication, fitness & wellness. Her most recent advocacy work has been in creating her community group called, Safety in Film, Modeling, Music etc- Entertainment Industry, since becoming a recognized Actress and Model herself, and in the industries for years, Ana Katia decided to create her community Facebook group for her film, modeling, and music colleagues. As you get to know, Ana Katia, you will see obviously and learn of her huge drive and love as an advocate for Safety. Amongst other works, Ana Katia is currently of, she is currently a Certified O.U.R Volunteer, a past facilitator with, Women and Children in Abuse– Rape Crisis Center, a past, Younique Foundation Model, and still a current Advocate for, The Haven Retreat– Saprea, previously known as, The Younique Foundation. And her last founded work, Published Parables, is an additional ongoing growing community page focused on, “Creating Spiritual Change From Within”, via Facebook. Overall, you will learn that, Ana Katia loves the service of giving to her community! And loves most her drives and passions of being able to assist others, learn from mentors herself, and being open to being led to wherever she has felt led to go. Ana Katia has continuously fulfilled her life missions, on her new Resilience Coaching mission, the “How Too’s” to Resiliency- As a Resilience Life Coach you can contact her for more info. Ana Katia’s -Coaching work, Ufit Inc., includes working with clients in obtaining 4 clear key principles on how to “savor” life lessons. Additionally, providing several skills, tools, and practical teaching models for learning the elements of “how to” “make your time work better for you, personal development, self-love, relationship and business communication strategies, and breakthroughs, as she assists others in their own divine path of truth, and on “how to” keep moving forward, by learning how to create from their deeper meaning and purpose and supporting her clients, more importantly, to keep choosing God, in especially difficult times. Ana Katia, loves her life, her family, her country, and her community. She loves to laugh, smile, read, write, eat chocolate, travel, be in nature, catch an activity, watch a movie with her loved ones, and spend time with friends. Thank you for visiting my page and thank you for reading.

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“When there are two people, and one of them is God; nothing is impossible.”

– Ana Katia


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